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From April 2022, Zomato will be 100 percent plastic-free.


Zomato, an online meal delivery service, stated on Friday that it will serve 100 percent plastic-free orders starting in April 2022, to deliver more than 10 crore items in sustainable packaging over the next three years.

Zomato Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal stated in a blog post that the company recognizes the importance of beginning to promote biodegradable and other non-plastic alternatives for them to become as accessible and available as plastic is today.

“From now on, every meal you buy through Zomato will be 100% plastic neutral,” he stated. “This means we will voluntarily recycle more than 100% of all plastic used in the packaging of your order.”

“We have begun working with cutting-edge ISO-certified plastic waste management organizations, who will partner with municipalities across India to collect and sustainably handle plastic garbage,” Goyal explained.

Zomato is also “stepping up our efforts to produce and promote sustainable packaging for all types of cuisines,” he added, adding that there is still more work to be done to decrease or eliminate the use of plastic in food delivery.

“We’ll cooperate with diverse parties working on creative solutions and models for the restaurant business, including government-led projects, social enterprises, and startups,” he said, to achieve this.

He mentioned that last year, Zomato established ‘Climate Conscious Delivery’ and began sponsoring local environmental programs to offset the carbon impact of all its deliveries and packaging in India.

On its app, Zomato has also made ‘no cutlery required’ the default option. This allowed 74% of meals to be served without cutlery, “preventing tonnes of single-use plastic from ending up in landfills,” he said.

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